Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sad Happenings

As the last week or so has unfolded it has been sad. The company that let me go in March has closed it's door. For me the worst part has been scrambling to find new health insurance, because with the doors closed and their insurance gone mine goes away as well.

But the real sadness I feel is for those people that I know that are still working them. When you work in accounting you usually know just how bad things are, so they have seen this coming. But you are still not prepared. The owner of the company is 73 and this is his life's work. He can't really start over. I am feeling very sad for all of them tonight.

I joked with them in March when they let me go that I was the lucky one. It looks like that has proven true, but I am still very sad for each of them as they try to figure out how to start putting their lives back together.


Emma said...

Oh wow. That is very sad.

Gretchen said...

Sorry to hear Cindi. Hope you have a good long weekend.

Susan said...

That is sad. I'm hoping that in 2009 and the following years that we will see better times.

Silver Thimble Talk said...

Oh were the lucky one.. I remember when you said you were lucky. You are so tender hearted and kind. I know you feel the pain of your former co-workers..