Thursday, April 3, 2008


Today I was reading an article about gathering. It was specificly about how members of my church - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints gather twice a year to received council from our leaders in Utah. The next time that I will be watching and listening and gathering to here this council is this coming weekend.

As he was describing gathering he use hobbies. I think that is very true of quilting. We gather pieces of fabric that we think with look nice together to make a finished quilt. The process is gathering - fabric, patterns, pieces, blocks.

The same is true of our friends. We want to gather them around us. To share fun things with. To support us in times of woe.

I like this term - gathering. I had never thought about it in quite this way. Especially the gathering of friends, where they be family, co-workers, quilting friends, or church friends. They definitely make me a better person.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Just like spring is a time of change so can life be. A couple of weeks ago in downtown Atlanta there was a tornado. Changes of going from cool to warm cause turbulent weather. I have always lived in areas where there are tornadoes and have a healthy respect for them. Admittedly if I have to be around them I would prefer at the farm because I can see them coming. Here in the city there are to many buildings, trees, and people, you just can't see well. So when warm meets cold or cold meets warm this happens. If you look on the left by the tall building with the lighted top that is the tornado.
I had been thinking about this and how changes in affect things like our weather when last Monday (the 24th) my manager can into my office and let me go. So now I have new changes in my life. I am one of those people who like ruts but I do not seem destine to have them. Oh well, new opportunities and new adventures. I did have a couple of days last week where I spent the day on the couch, eating ice cream, and watching very bad tv.
I have not sewn much because I feel like I should be working on the resume and making calls and such. But yesterday I did tell myself that I need to do these things on my list and them I could sew. Working on the machine part of sewing on binding for Ruby Slippers and Star Gazing to be ready to hand sew down during General Conference this weekend.