Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Little Behind

Today at Thimbles, my quilting friends were giving me a hard time about needing to update my blog. I have decided that since I have not blogged since August, it would be okay to post pictures from Christmas. Christmas pictures in February, not that late.

Christmas Eve - hanging stockings.

Christmas Dinner

Everyone was hungry

Notice Emma still in her jammies - all Christmas Day

A noisy gift from Aunt Cindi

A suitcase full of cookie makings for Laurel
When are you making some?

Another gift for Evelyn
Can you tell she is sure loved a lot?

The Prete Family
Hey NaNa, Mommy's not paying
attention - if this mine too?

Evelyn making friends with Chip with
Uncle Lawrence's support

Emma on her new phone under Dad's quilt.

John and Lawrence bonding

Kent's Christmas Present
Love this quilt

Evelyn driving her shopping cart - keep out of her way

Evelyn and Aunt Laurel after Church

A treat after Church.
Thanks Aunt Laurel