Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Big Plane Ride

Yesterday I rushed out of work to catch a plane to Columbus for Lawrence's gradation. Just a quick little hop. Well, that was how it was suppose to be. It was on one of those planes that you feel like you are on a long sausage and I was stuffed in the very last row. I thought there was a lot on noise but didn't think to much about it. But everyone in the back was talking about the vibration. The pilot must have felt something and ask the flight attendant about if her feet were vibrating. Guess so.

At this point the pilot comes on the intercom and makes a comment about the vibration that many are feeling is one of the engines vibrating. They are going to shut the engine down and land at the closest airport with one engine. So we landed in Cincinnati where we can see fire trucks with flashing red lights going with us down the runway on both sides. ( I was sitting across the isle for an air traffic controller from Columbus who say that is considered a level 2 emergency).

We then changed planes and come onto Columbus arriving about an hour and 15 minutes late.

More excitement that I wanted at 11 pm on a Friday night.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Several of my friend have commented that it has been a long time since I have posted. Is two months really a long time? So much going on and not a enough time is my reason. Hope that will fly.

I don't have the posting of pictures with the words in the right place figured out yet so you will get it whatever order it come.

The handsome couple.

Miss Evelyn

Both graduates - Mark & Careen

The week after my last post I got a job. It is a temp to perm position with a company called Southern Business Communication. They provide audio visual equipment and applications to school, government, businesses. So far I am enjoying the work and feel that it is a good environment. Hopefully they will keep me. During April month end I worked lots of hours which I haven't done in a couple of years. We will see how this progresses.

And I have been traveling. The family has been keeping me busy. The end of April I went to Utah for my neice's graduation from BYU. She now has a degree in family history or genealogy. I love this, someone I talk with about what I might find around the corner about those ancestors. While there I stayed with my friends Eric and Claudia Fossum. It was so nice to spend time with them. Just now enough with all of the graduation stuff. I always feel like I am home and content with them. Also, it was my opportunity to meet Mark for the first. But more on that later.

Then two weeks later on Mother's Day weekend Careen and Mark got married in Nauvoo, IL and have their reception in Keokuk, IA. Everyone was there and I got to play with the great niece Evelyn. Careen was a beautiful bride and it was a wonderful experience. There are pictures.

And now this weekend I go to Columbus, OH for my nephew Lawrence's high school graduation. It will be a quick trip because it is month end again.

Not much sewing and not a lot of sleep. But life is good.