Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Big Plane Ride

Yesterday I rushed out of work to catch a plane to Columbus for Lawrence's gradation. Just a quick little hop. Well, that was how it was suppose to be. It was on one of those planes that you feel like you are on a long sausage and I was stuffed in the very last row. I thought there was a lot on noise but didn't think to much about it. But everyone in the back was talking about the vibration. The pilot must have felt something and ask the flight attendant about if her feet were vibrating. Guess so.

At this point the pilot comes on the intercom and makes a comment about the vibration that many are feeling is one of the engines vibrating. They are going to shut the engine down and land at the closest airport with one engine. So we landed in Cincinnati where we can see fire trucks with flashing red lights going with us down the runway on both sides. ( I was sitting across the isle for an air traffic controller from Columbus who say that is considered a level 2 emergency).

We then changed planes and come onto Columbus arriving about an hour and 15 minutes late.

More excitement that I wanted at 11 pm on a Friday night.


Becky said...

This is the second blog this week that there have been problems with air travel. Glad they switched your plane. Hope to see you next Saturday at Sisters.

Careen said...

Wow. That sounds like fun! To me, but I'm weird. Air travel has become so boring that I wish my flights would involve a little danger. Anyway, I'm glad you're ok.

Laurel said...

HA. I KNEW it. I had already checked your blog so I read this like a week ago. See, I'm not ignoring you:)